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Part I covers our family histories and general genealogical topics. Part II is about the Y-chromosome DNA of several family members. Part III is about their travel and our travel to find them. Part IV is about their occupations. Part V is about where they and we lived.      ...more about PetersPioneers       ...Opening Page       ...Contacts

I. Genealogy

Mural in the Chicago Main Post Office

II. Ancient Genealogy

III. Travel

IV. Work

V. Places

*Alleman, Beggan, Berles, Biggins, Bitter, Börger (Drücke), Breen, Carroll, Conway, Cusack, Drücke, Drüecke, Drüeke, Drueke, Fassnacht, Flannery, Foy, Gibbons, Grady, Graham, Green, Hartigan, Hauck, Hauser, Heller, Hesse, Higgins, Kenny, Knoche, Koch, Krämer, Lavo, McDonald, McDonnel, McNally, Meyers, Murray, O'Malley, Schickell, Schmitt, Schumm, Smith, Spiekermann, Stanton, Starke, Struck, Tracy, Walsh, Wittenmeier, Young, Zugelder      ...more about the namesSearch PetersPioneers

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