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By Peter Biggins

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In 2016, Wyatt Markus, who lives in Au Sable Fiorkes, New York, sent me sheet music hand written by John Adam Schickell (1795-1879). He discovered it at a sale of sheet music. A batch of music that he bought had the name John Adam Schickell written on one piece. He Goggled the name and found PetersPioneers.

The auctioneer said the sheet music came from the estate of Michael Musket of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

John Adam Schickell, my great great great grandfather, was a music teacher. He was born in Bavaria in 1795. He and came to America in 1834 on the sailing ship Johannes with his wife Maria Eva and their four children. The family took their horse and wagon from Bavaria to Bremen with all their belongings, including musical instruments. The horse was sold and the wagon was taken aboard ship. They settled in Tiffin, Ohio. In 1853, they moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan. During the Civil War, two of their children, Peter and Joseph, were Regimental band leaders.

O du lieber Augustin
O, du lieber Augustin, alles ist hin (O, you dear Augustin, all is lost!).

Following are copies of the sheet music of John Adam Schickell.