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50% Italian Ialian Flag    44% Irish Irish Flag    6% Swiss Swiss Flag

The Italian flag is red, where the Irish flag is orange..

The tree below shows the ancestors of John and Maureen Carroll Varro.

Of the 32 great great grandparents for John and Maureen, 16 are Italian, 14 are Irisish, and 2 are Swiss.

Their children, therefore, are 1/2 Italian, 7/16 Irish, and 1/16 Swiss.

Immigrants in italics Unknown Mortelarro Ialian Flag
Unknown Mortelarro
Unknown Ialian Flag
John and Frances Mortillaro
Unknown Ialian Flag
Unknown Ialian Flag
Frank and Josephine Varvaro Mortillaro
Unknown Varvaro Ialian Flag
Unknown Varvaro
Unknown Ialian Flag
John and Maria Varvaro
Unknown Ialian Flag
Unknown Ialian Flag
John and Maureen Caroll Varro
Thomas and Mary Carroll Carroll Irish Flag Breassal Breac
Edward and Catherine Higgins Carroll
John and Catherine Condon Higgins Irish Flag
David and Emma Starke Carroll
Unknown Starke Swiss Flag
George and Kathryn Meyers Starke
Petro and Maria Alleman Wittenmeier Swiss Flag
Edward and Henrietta Kenny Carroll
Unknown Kenny Irish Flag
James and Mary Hartigan Kenny
Unknown Hartigan Irish Flag
James and Charlotte McDonald Kenny
Daniel and Eliza Young McDonald Irish Flag Niall of the Nine Hostages
Daniel and Ellen Flannery McDonald
James and Mary Murray Flannery Irish Flag

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