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  • Births in Unions of Ballinrobe and Cong in County Mayo, 1871-1875, transcribed by Tim Conroy
    PlaceUnionFatherFather's RankMotherChildDateRegisterdPresent at BirthFHL FilmFHL Page
    BallinrobeBallinrobeDenis BigginsPublicanMary KilleenJames10 January 18731 February 187325587152
    Ballinrobe (Main St)BallinrobeDenis BigginsGrocerMary KilleenMary25 January 187710 February 1877James Riggins25597454
    BallinrobeBallinrobeDenis BigginsShopkeeperMary KilleenBridget25 October 187424 November 187425591837
    CrossCongEdward BigginsShopkeeperBridget NaltyPatrick24 January 18752 March 187525592449
    DowaghCongEdward BigginsPublicanBridget NaltyBridget6 January 187114 January 1871Sarah Biggins25581475
    Ballinrobe WorkhouseBallinrobeEdward NaghtanLaborerSarah BigginsThomas10 April 187118 April 187125582250
    Ballinrobe WorkhouseBallinrobeEdward NaughtonLaborerSally BigginsBridget Mary31 January 18744 April 187425590447
    Ballinrobe WorkhouseBallinrobeEdward NaughtonLaborerSally BigginsPatrick3 June 187622 June 187625595547
    BallinrobeBallinrobeJames BigginsShopkeeperBridget FaragherWilliam5 December 187327 December 187325589138
    BallinrobeBallinrobeJames BigginsShopkeeperBridget FaraherMary15 August 187122 August 187125582945
    Ballinrobe (Chapel Rd)BallinrobeJames BigginsTraderBridget FarragherMargaret1 May 187615 July 187625596035
    BrodelaCongJames BigginsFarmerMary LinskeyAnne24 December 187631 January 187725597466
    BrodelaghCongJames BigginsFarmerMary LinskeyThomas2 April 187217 April 187225585458
    BrodelaCongJames BigginsFarmerMary LinskeyMary12 July 187415 July 187425591149
    DringinCongJohn BigginsFarmerCatherine SheridanPat7 March 187631 March 187625594861
    CahernagryBallinrobeJohn BigginsFarmerEllen RochfordSarah2 February 187611 March 187625594850
    CahernicoleBallinrobeJohn BigginsFarmerEllen RochfordMargaret4 February 187121 March 187125581466
    CahernagryBallinrobeJohn BigginsFarmerEllen RochfordThomas20 April 187416 May 187425590450
    CahernagryBallinrobeJohn BigginsFarmerEllen RochfordJohn9 September 18729 November 187225586440
    DringeenCongJohn BigginsFarmerKitty SheridanPat24 February 18734 March 187325587166
    DringeenCongJohn BigginsFarmerKitty SheridanMary24 February 18734 March 187325587166
    DringeenCongJohn BigginsFarmerKitty SheridanMichael24 February 18734 March 187325587166
    DringeenCongJohn BigginsFarmerKitty SheridanJohn28 February 187422 March 187425589663
    BallynaltyCongJohn BigginsLandholderMary BigginsBridget8 October 187128 October 187125583648
    BallynaltyCongJohn BigginsFarmerMary BigginsJames24 July 18757 August 1875Mary Biggins25593745
    BallinrobeBallinrobeJohn ButlerLaborerMary BigginsJohn1 January 187431 January 187425589650
    BallinrobeBallinrobeJohn ButlerPublicanMary BigginsThomas1 February 187210 February 187225584553
    BrodelaCongMathias WalshFarmerMary BigginsMary9 October 187223 October 1872John Conner25586449
    BrodelaCongMathias WalshFarmerMary BigginsWinny20 May 18743 June 187425590461
    BrodelaCongMatt WalshFarmerMary BigginsJohn22 July 18769 August 187625596047
    CornaroyaBallinrobeMichael HigginsFarmerBridget BigginsAnn17 August 187429 August 187425591141
    HoundswoodCongNed BigginsFarmerAnne MorrinBridget5 June 187519 June 187525593260
    CrossCongNed BigginsShopkeeperBridget NallyMary5 November 18729 November 1872Nannie McNamara25586450
    CahernagryBallinrobePat BigginsFarmerHonor ThorntonTom12 February 187121 March 187125581467
    CahernagryBallinrobePatrick BigginsFarmerHonor ThorntonMary15 February 18767 March 187625594849
    CahernagryBallinrobePatrick BigginsFarmerHonor ThorntonPatt21 July 187428 July 187425591140
    BallinrobeBallinrobePatrick MoranPublicanBridget BigginsPat30 January 187414 March 187425589653
    BallinrobeBallinrobePatrick MoranPublicanBridget BigginsBridget20 October 187223 November 187225586441
    Ballinrobe (Abbey St.)BallinrobePatrick MoranPublicanBridget BigginsJohn10 June 187112 August 187125582943
    CahernagryBallinrobePatt BigginsFarmerNorah ThorntonMichael28 October 187219 November 187225586441
    BallinrobeBallinrobePatt MoranShopkeeperBridget BigginsMartin22 November 187511 December 187525594242
    BallynaltyCongThomas BigginsFarmerMary O'Dea(blank/female)19 November 187230 November 1872Bridget Biggins25586451
    BallynaltyCongThomas BigginsFarmerMary O'DeaMichael26 August 187412 September 187425591152
    MohardCongThomas ByrneFarmerMary BigginsMichael28 October 18764 November 1876Catherine Biggins25596546
    MocorhaCongThomas ByrneFarmerMary BigginsJohn29 June 18735 July 1873Catherine Biggins25588653

  • Births in Westport 1865
    Shop St., WestportJames BigginsShopkeeperBridget FarragherThomas Edwin Biggins1 Jul 1865

  • Baptisms in Burriscarra Parish for Ballintober, Carnacon, and Killavally, provided by Father Frank Fahy at Celtic Furrows
    Denis BegginsMary BlakeBrid BegginsNovember 1840
    Denis BigginsMary BlakeEllen Biggins11 November 1843
    Denis BigginsMargt BlakeMargaret Biggins14 October 1844
    Patrick BigginsEliza CarneyElizabeth Biggins3 January 1874

  • Baptisms in Ballinrobe, St. Mary's Church, 1871-1955, provided by Monsignor Thomas Shannon
    Denis BigginsMary KilleenJames Biggins24 December 1872
    Denis BigginsMary KilleenBridget Biggins18 August 1874
    Denis BigginsMary KilleenMary Biggins29 August 1876
    Denis BigginsMary KilleenEllen Biggins24 January 1886
    Denis BigginsMary KilleenAnne Biggins28 August 1880
    Denis BigginsMary KilleenPatrick Biggins7 December 1881
    J. BigginsMary KilleenJohn Joseph Biggins9 December 1883
    P. BigginsMary BigginsCatherine Biggins21 April 1878
    P. BigginsMary BigginsMargaret Biggins21 April 1878
    Michael BigginsBridget BigginsElizabeth Biggins19 January 1879
    John BigginsWinifred MullahyJohn Biggins21 April 1884
    John BigginsWinifred MullahyMary B. Biggins5 September 1885
    BallinrobeJames BigginsBridget FarragherMary Biggins16 August 1871
    James BigginsBridget FarragherWilliam Biggins24 November 1873
    BallinrobeJames BigginsBridget BigginsMargaret Biggins19 March 1876
    BallinrobeJames BigginsBridget BigginsMargaret Biggins19 March 1876
    BallinageThomas BigginsMary BigginsNora Biggins17 September 1913
    CloonacurraneThomas BigginsMary BigginsBridget Biggins5 May 1915
    ClooncurraneThomas BigginsMary BigginsMary Anne Biggins4 October 1916
    BallynaltyThomas BigginsCatherine GrimesBridget Mary Biggins30 July 1939
    Bowgate St.John BigginsMary FarragherPatrick Biggins17 January 1925
    BallinrobeJohn BigginsMary FarragherMary Bridget Biggins12 December 1926
    BallinrobeJohn BigginsMary FarragherWilliam A. Biggins28 August 1929
    Bowgate St.John BigginsMary FarragherNora Patricia Biggins23 February 1933
    Bowgate St.John BigginsMary FarragherAnne P. Biggins19 May 1935
    Bowgate St.John BigginsMary FarragherMichael John Biggins24 July 1938
    Chapel Rd.William BigginsJosephine CarneyJohn Joseph Biggins30 April 1952
    Chapel Rd.William BigginsJosephine CarneyWilliam C. N. Biggins10 July 1955

  • Baptisms in Shrule 1831-1899
    BallynaltyThomas BigginsBridget WalshBedelia Biggins13 March 1885
    BallynaltyThomas BigginsMary WalshMargaret Biggins28 September 1886
    BallynaltyThomas BigginsBrid WalshEllen Biggins23 September 1888
    BallynaltyThomas BigginsBridget WalshJohn Biggins22 November 1891
    BallynaltyThomas BigginsBrid WalshThomas Biggins30 July 1893
    BallynaltyJohn BigginsMary BigginsBiddy Biggins11 May 1861
    BallynaltyJohn BigginsMary BigginsMary Biggins9 September 1864
    BallynaltyJohn BigginsMary BigginsJohn Biggins9 September 1869
    John BigginsMary BigginsDenis Biggins29 December 1864
    BallynaltyJames BigginsMargaret O'DeaPat Biggins19 June 1861
    BallynaltyThomas BigginsMary O'DeaBiddy Biggins14 January 1858
    BallynaltyThomas BigginsMary O'DeaThomas Biggins22 December 1859
    BallynaltyThomas BigginsMary O'DeaMichael Biggins25 September 1874
    New BallynaltyThomas BigginsMary O'DeaJohn Biggins25 October 1856
    New BallynaltyThomas BigginsMary O'DeaMary Biggins29 December 1866
    New BallynaltyThomas BigginsMary O'DeaMargaret Biggins13 September 1869
    New BallynaltyJohn BigginsBridget PhewJohn Biggins15 July 1831
    New BallynaltyJames BigginsMargaret DalyThomas Biggins3 November 1845
    New BallynaltyJames BigginsMary DalyJohn Biggins8 February 1844
    New BallynaltyAnthony BigginsMary KilahanHonor Biggins3 October 1834
    New BallynaltyAnthony BigginsMary KilahanMargaret Biggins5 December 1837
    New BallynaltyAnthony BigginsMary KilahanSarah Biggins17 August 1840
    New BallynaltyPat BigginsNora McHughMichael Joe Biggins30 September 1897
    New BallynaltyPat BigginsNora McHughThomas Biggins16 October 1898
    Old BallynaltyThomas BigginsCath CeyletonBrid Biggins7 March 1839
    Old BallynaltyThomas BigginsCath EagletonMary Biggins15 April 1842
    Old BallynaltyThomas BigginsCath EagletonWinny Biggins9 October 1844
    Old BallynaltyThomas BigginsCath EagletonAnthony Biggins23 January 1846
    Old BallynaltyMichael BigginsHonor ConnorJohn Biggins13 February 1834
    Old BallynaltyMichael BigginsHonor ConnorHonor Biggins8 December 1835
    Old BallynaltyMichael BigginsHonor ConnorBridget Biggins7 June 1838
    Old BallynaltyMichael BigginsHonor ConnorMary Biggins25 February 1841
    Old BallynaltyMichael BigginsHonor ConnorMargaret Biggins2 October 1842
    BoulaWilliam BigginsJudy HennellyWilliam Biggins5 May 1867
    CloonbananeDenis BigginsCath. BigginsMary Biggins19 June 1840
    PolbeeJames BigginsCate FloodPatrick Biggins14 March 1833
    PolbeeJames BigginsCate FloodCate Biggins3 May 1835
    PolbeeJames BigginsCate FloodJames Biggins13 June 1837
    PolbeeJames BigginsCate FloodDenis Biggins19 April 1839
    PolbeeJames BigginsCate FloodMichael Biggins12 June 1841
    PolbeeJames BigginsMay DalyMary Biggins12 April 1862
    PolbeeJames BigginsPeggy DalyMichael Biggins24 March 1857
    RossdaffThomas BigginsBiddy BolandJohn Biggins13 October 1857
    RossdaffThomas BigginsBiddy BolandWinny Biggins19 January 1861
    RossdaffThomas BigginsBridget PhewMichael Biggins8 April 1884
    RossdaffThomas BigginsBridget PhewThomas Biggins9 August 1885
    RossdaffThomas BigginsBridget PhewMary Biggins24 September 1887
    RossdaffPat BigginsBrid PhewHonor Brid Biggins25 January 1891
    RossdaffPat BigginsBridget PhewJohn Biggins26 May 1892
    RossdaffPat BigginsBrid PhewHelena Biggins19 May 1895
    RossdaffMichael BigginsHonor BolandPat Biggins7 January 1842
    RossdaffMichael BigginsHonor BolandMichael Biggins22 September 1845
    RossdaffMichael BigginsHonor BolandMargaret Biggins14 November 1856
    RossdaffThomas BigginsKitty SweeneyPat Biggins24 July 1856
    RossdaffThomas BigginsKitty SweeneyPatrick Biggins12 November 1858
    RossdaffJohn BigginsMargaret BigginsMary Biggins23 November 1843
    RossdaffJohn BigginsMargaret MoghanEdmund Biggins25 May 1832
    RossdaffJohn BigginsMargaret MoghanBiddy Biggins1 December 1834
    RossdaffJohn BigginsMargaret MoghanMary Biggins1 December 1834
    RossdaffJohn BigginsMargaret MoghanPatrick Biggins12 December 1835
    RossdaffJohn BigginsMargaret MoghanThomas Biggins8 June 1838
    RossdaffJohn BigginsMargaret MoghanJames Biggins12 January 1841
    RossdaffJohn BigginsMargaret MoghanEllen Biggins5 February 1843
    BoulaThomas BigginsKate MoghanMichael Biggins13 October 1843
    RossdaffThomas BigginsCate MoghanCate Biggins3 November 1846
    RossdaffPat BigginsEllen MoghanBridget Biggins17 December 1865
    RossdaffPatt BigginsNelly MoghanNelly Biggins14 April 1857
    RossdaffJohn BigginsMaria O'FlynnThomas Michl Biggins1 November 1888
    RossdaffJohn BigginsMaria O'FlynnMaria Biggins14 September 1892
    RossdaffJohn BigginsMary O'FlynnJames Pat Biggins19 February 1895
    RossdaffNed BigginsMary SullivanDenis Biggins14 January 1832
    RossdaffJames BigginsNappy MaddenMichael Biggins2 May 1834
    RossdaffThomas BigginsWinny BoylePatrick Biggins5 June 1845
    ToorardPat BigginsMary BoyleJames Biggins11 July 1857
    ToorardPat BigginsMary BoyleHonor Biggins26 November 1859
    ToorardPat BigginsMary BoyleBiddy Biggins10 April 1862
    ToorardPat BigginsMary BoylePat Biggins16 October 1864
    ToorardmoynePatrick BigginsMary DohertyThomas Biggins11 December 1831
    ToorardmoynePatrick BigginsMary DohertyJohn Biggins21 March 1834
    TubberkerraneDenis BigginsCate GavinThady Biggins25 October 1839
    TubberkerraneDenis BigginsJudy GavinMargaret Biggins22 February 1843
    TubberkerraneDenis BigginsMary FarragherPatrick Biggins22 April 1834
    Denis BigginsMary FarragherMary Biggins10 October 1836
    TubberkerraneJames BigginsMary LynskyJudy Biggins12 July 1862
    TubberkerraneJames BigginsMary LynskyDenis Biggins8 April 1866
    TubberkerraneJames BigginsMary LynskySarah Biggins9 June 1867
    TubberkerraneJames BigginsMary LynskyJohn Biggins16 September 1881
    TubberkerreneJames BigginsMary LynskyAnne Biggins24 December 1876
    TubberkerraneJames BigginsMary LynskeyMary Biggins14 July 1874
    TubberkerraneJames BigginsMary LynskeyJohn Biggins13 December 1882

  • Baptisms in Turlough 1847 to 1911
    John BigginsOwen BigginsAnne Redington6 Nov 1887CloonkeshJohn Kearny & Mary Jane Redington

  • Baptisms in Ballintober 1846 to 1849
    Mary MagrathThomas MagrathMary Biggins12 July 1846Stonepark

  • Baptisms in Ballintober 1850-1854
    Thomas MagrathMichael MagrathMary Biggins7 Feb 1850Stonepark

  • Baptisms in Westport 1870
    Thomas Edwin BigginsJames BigginsBridget Farragher2 Jul 1870Shop St.Shopkeeper

  • Births/Baptisms in South County Mayo 1864-1901
    1864BRIDGET Biggins
    1864PATRICK Biggins
    1864MARY Biggins
    1865MARY Biggins
    1865MARY Biggins
    1866PATRICK Biggins
    1866DENNIS Biggins
    1866BRIDGET Biggins
    1866MARY Biggins
    1866DENIS Biggins
    1867SARAH Biggins
    1868MARGARET Biggins
    1868MARGARET Biggins
    1868THOMAS Biggins
    1869MARGARET Biggins
    1869JOHN Biggins
    1869JAMES Biggins
    1870N.R. Biggins
    1870N.R. Biggins
    1871JOHN Biggins
    1871BRIDGET Biggins
    1871BRIDGET Biggins
    1872THOMAS Biggins
    1872PATRICK Biggins
    1872MICHAEL Biggins
    1872MARY Biggins
    1872NR Biggins
    1873PATRICK Biggins
    1873MICHAEL Biggins
    1873THOMAS Biggins
    1873MARY Biggins
    1874MARY Biggins
    1874MICHAEL Biggins
    1874PATRICK Biggins
    1874JOHN Biggins
    1875BRIDGET Biggins
    1875JAMES Biggins
    1875PATRICK Biggins
    1875MARY Biggins
    1875SARA Biggins
    1876PATRICK Biggins
    1876MARTIN Biggins
    1877BRIDGET Biggins
    1877MICHAEL Biggins
    1878MARTIN Biggins
    1878MICHAEL Biggins
    1878PATRICK Biggins
    1878MARY ELLEN Biggins
    1879MARGARET Biggins
    1880MARY Biggins
    1880ELLEN Biggins
    1881JOHN Biggins
    1881HENRY Biggins
    1882MARY Biggins
    1882MARY Biggins
    1883JULIA Biggins
    1883EDWARD Biggins
    1884MICHAEL Biggins
    1884PATRICK Biggins
    1885MICHAEL Biggins
    1885THOMAS Biggins
    1885DELIA Biggins
    1886MARGARET Biggins
    1886LUKE Biggins
    1886BRIDGET Biggins
    1887JOHN Biggins
    1887PATRICK Biggins
    1888THOMAS MICHAEL Biggins
    1888JAMES Biggins
    1888JOHN Biggins
    1889PAT Biggins
    1889ELLEN Biggins
    1890MICHAEL Biggins
    1890BRIDGET Biggins
    1891MARGARET Biggins
    1891NORAH DELIA Biggins
    1891JOHN Biggins
    1892DELIA Biggins
    1892BRIDGET Biggins
    1892JOHN Biggins
    1893THOMAS Biggins
    1893MARY Biggins
    1895THOMAS Biggins
    1896JAMES Biggins
    1896ELLEN Biggins
    1897OWEN Biggins
    1897MICHAEL JOSEPH Biggins
    1897JOHN Biggins
    1898THOMAS Biggins
    1899MICHAEL Biggins
    1900THOMAS Biggins
    1900WINIFRED Biggins
    1900MARY Biggins
    1901PATRICK Biggins

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